Explorer Centercode Email Notification


I haven’t received any new emails for any new Centercode programs since last summer. I think my email address was somehow removed from the email mailing (unsubscribe link by accident perhaps). I sent an email to ring@beta.ring.com twice to help re-subscribe but got no reply. I’ve emailed explorer@ring.com and no response either. Is there a moderator who can look into this?

The Beta program can be accessed by visiting explorer.centercode.com and signing in with your Ring account. As it sounds like you’ve participated in the past, simply log in there and keep an eye out for any programs or opportunities. If you do not see any opportunities in there, there may not be any at this time.

I’ve had the same experience, I was wondering if something was wrong with my account.
I’ve logged in to the explorer centercode site on different occasions since last year and haven’t seen anything new.

Has the Explorer program been discontinued?

I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. Explorer.centercode.com no longer seems to be accessible.

I am Guessing by the lack of response from Ring on this topic that the program has been terminated. I have also not been able to get the Ring Explorer site to respond for well over 3 months.

Thanks for this feedback, neighbors. After speaking with our teams here, they’ve let us know that Centercode will be unavailable while we work to enhance the trials program and relaunch it in the near future. We have taken note of your request and will be sure to keep you posted on upcoming beta tests that we have available. :slight_smile:


Will Ring be contacting us by the same email we used for the testing for future tests?

Hi Marley,

How can we opt in to be part of the Ring Explorer 2.0/Trials Program if we were existing explorer users. I just want to ensure I don’t miss out on being part of the beta program relaunch.



Hi Marley,

Any updates on the revamped program? DEFINITELY interested.

Same here - loved being in the program. Definitely want to join the new one!

Hi neighbors! I checked on my team with this and you can reach out to our beta team at ring-explorers@amazon.com. Please also remember not to discuss anything beta related outside of the project page on explorer.centercode.com. :slight_smile:

Well, the explorer site is down.

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Any updates on this please?

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Looks like they disbanded the program and just refuse to acknowledge it. I wondered why I hadn’t gotten any new invites in quite some time, glad to know it wasn’t me.