Explore through the Map of the Ring App

The Ring app is centric in your Ring Ecosystem, so knowing what features are available and how to access them will help you get the most out of your Ring of Security. This Ring App Map will take you sightseeing to some of the most common sections in the Ring app’s Main Menu and to the features you can find in them. Note: Some features are only available in your app if you have select devices.

First stop, the Devices section. From here you can see an overview of all the Devices you have connected to your Ring app for your Location. Once you’ve selected the Device you want to address and depending on the device you have, you can adjust or review the following options:

The next place to visit from the main menu is the Settings section. This is where you can do things like

Another landmark is the Account section. This is where account information such as your Email and Password can be changed. You can also chose what type of Two-Step Verification method works best for you. Even linking your Amazon Account can be done in this menu!

Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Control Center. Here you can view and control important privacy and security settings. You can view the Authorized Client Devices, manage Shared Users and your shared videos through Video Management!

Curious what more you can learn about the Ring app? Learn more in our App Support section of our Help Center, or ask any questions below that you may still have!

The app screenshots included match the app at the time this post was published. They may not match exactly with future updates.

Please note: The Moderators Corner is a place for moderators to post tips for using Ring devices. Views expressed are the moderators’ own and not those of Ring.


Tom: thanks for the map it is useful, but, i find it painful having to trudge back through the various pages to the dashboard every time i delve into the options in the app. Is it possible to consider a dedicated button that takes the user straight back to the dashboard from whatever area of the app they are currently using, a ‘Home button’ for want of a better name?


Hi @Johnyhicks. This is a great suggestion! I will pass this feedback along to the appropriate team. It would be great for you to highlight this in our Feature Request Board. :smiley: