Exciting Fall Announcements from Ring

Ring’s mission is to make neighborhoods safer and we are always looking to bring more devices to you to achieve this! We are excited to share some details about a few new devices you can expect to see coming later this year and in 2021. You can learn more below and go to this link to sign up for the devices you would like release updates for.

Always Home Cam adds next-level indoor security to your home. This is an autonomous indoor security camera that works with your Ring Alarm and flies to pre-selected locations so you can easily check on your home. It was designed with privacy in mind and, when in motion, it makes an audible sound—this is privacy you can hear. Learn more here.

Ring Car Alarm is an innovative way to guard your car. Ring Car Alarm senses bumps, break-ins, tow-aways, and more. Get alerts when something is detected and activate the siren or check your car’s last-known location in the Ring app when connected to Sidewalk. Learn more here.

Ring Car Cam is security, re-imagined. Protect your car 24/7 with two cameras actively detecting and recording events related to bumps, break-ins, and more. Get real-time alerts, check in with Live View, see location, and activate the device’s siren in the Ring app over wifi or from anywhere with an optional LTE connectivity plan. Learn more here.

Ring Car Connect is an API for car manufacturers that helps you stay in the know about your car from anywhere with recorded vehicle video footage and locked or unlocked car status information. The first compatible vehicles for Ring Car Connect are Tesla models 3, X, S, and Y. Once you install Ring Car Connect in your Tesla vehicle, you can watch Tesla Sentry Mode and recorded driving footage on your phone from anywhere with an optional LTE connectivity plan. Learn more here.

Ring Mailbox Sensor lets you know when mail arrives or when anyone opens your mailbox. You’ll receive a real-time notification in the Ring app or via a connected Alexa-enabled device with a Ring Bridge. Plus, pair with Ring Smart Lighting, Doorbells, and Cams to turn on and start recording whenever your mailbox is opened. This device will be available for pre-order on October 8th. Learn more here.

Is there a specific device you are most excited to add to your setup? Let us know by replying to this update below.

As with other devices at this stage of development, these devices have not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. These devices are not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.


The "always home cam "seems hilarioulsy awesome, even if it’s just a party trick. It would be cool if you think through enough to disable the alarm motion sensors when the drone activates.

I’m also excited about the API connection with Tesla!

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Agree the drone is awesome.

Would the car camera’s be able to function as a dashcam? i.e recording when driving as well as when alarm is active.

Hopefully we see these in the UK :slight_smile:

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Good question @F1N1. Ring Car Cam does everything customers would expect from a traditional dash camera and more!

For example, many dash cameras do not have sensors to detect certain events and then record any potential issues, and do not send alerts directly to the user, like the Ring Car Cam does. Additionally, Ring Car Cam integrates with your existing compatible Ring devices via Linked Devices and offers features like Traffic Stop, LTE connectivity, and Emergency Crash Assist (with an optional Ring connectivity plan). :slight_smile:

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These new items sound awesome! :slight_smile:

So looking forward to expanding my RIng devices that offer new features! :slight_smile:


Not exited about your new products until the existing ones are made to work to the standard required.

  1. Where’s the external siren your customers have been asking for?

  2. Where’s the glass break sensor your customers have been asking for?

  3. when will we be able link ring cameras to ring alarm system, or external floodlights so they can all activate when alarm is triggered?



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There is some very great new products.

Some of this products will be available in Europe ?

Thank you for your answer

Have a good day

The Ring Car Cam and Car Alarm have pretty much the same features. Why don’t you guys just stick to one and “add” the one feature that the other doesn’t have?? Is like saying, here’s a pencil with an eraser and over here without the eraser…

Any more info on the Always Home Cam? I am specifically wondering if it will have the ability to map out rooms and go to a specific room (somewhat like a robot vac.) Also will it be able to go to another floor?

Hi, what is the Google Home Situation? Will ring work with these as advised on the box? Ring is not available in Google Home app drop down list?

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What about fixing your Alexa skill/integrations so motion is announced from my cameras, as it used to be? All of my settings are correct on my end

Niet iedereen heeft een Tesla !!

Sept 2020 … and it’s still pinned?

Just got a notification that you’re discontinuing RING for Desktop… it was a crappy app, but it allowed me to see my high resolution videos in high resolution (sometimes the cellular downloads are not as clear and never will be as clear as zooming in on a 20" monitor)… I hope you will come up with a web solution, otherwise, I may have to convert my whole home away from RING to a more professional system, and not a hobby system.


Before you start rolling out new gadgets it would be nice if you first got everything else working better. Since you are removing Windows support, you might make live view available on line so people can actually see who’s out there in real time. I was hoping this notice would highlight improvements - instead its only new hardware. Come on.