Every battery fails

I have the Ring 3, I believe, and while it worked when I first installed it, the battery would die quickly, and I would charge it fully, and place it back in the doorbell, only to find that I would get the error that the battery wasn’t charged. I figured the battery was bad, bought 2 more batteries, charged them both, and get the same error on each new battery? Not sure what the next step is?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you got the subscription package? Because you can get this stuff under warranty and they can remotely test your battery. I’ve had 2 and just like you, at first they last for ages, and then after about a month or 2 they only last for 3 days, maybe a week even when hardwired. The batteries are crap.

However,i have noticed that the camera detects a lot of movement, but if I lower the sensitivity even more, it won’t detect people right near the door, so what is the point of having the doorbell. It worked perfectly and didn’t detect traffic until and update they did a few months ago.

How do I get the subscription package?

After you login on Ring.com there is a Protect Plan option. If you don’t have it now, it’s too late to take it out, as you have to register within 30 days of purchase I think. Are you paying any monthly fee to Ring at the moment?

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