Event history video playback error

This happens on my phone running Android 10. It used to work.

Live view is fine and event history / live view can be viewed on OS X desktop.

Things I’ve done:

  1. Deleted / reinstalled the app, rebooted.

  2. Reset the doorbell, let it download latest firmware

  3. Rebooted router & reset WiFi configuration

The problem remains.

Hey @felixx. Could you take a screen recording of what happens when you try to view the event history video through your app? In addition, please let me know what kind of phone you have that you’re running Android 10 on!

OnePlus 6, not working.
Confirmed working on Google Pixel 2

@felixx Thank you so much for that screen recording and verifying what devices it does work on over which ones it does not. One last thing that I would like to cover! We do have a list of applications on Android that do conflict with the Ring app. Could you check over this list and see if you have any applications that are conflicting? If so, try removing them and trying the playback again and let me know how it goes!

Hi Chelsea,
I was using none of the apps in the list, so I bit the bullet and did a cumbersome factory reset. That fixed my issue.

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@felixx Thank you for the followup! I’m happy you were able to find that resolution on your own accord. Big kudos to you for that! I’ll make sure to mark your post as the solution. Have a great rest of your week and stay safe! :slight_smile: