Event history list

A few months ago Ring added a different way to display the event history for a camera, where instead of being presented as list, it was a kind of timeline that you scrolled through. I tried the new way, didn’t like it, and changed back to the original vertical list of events.

Now, that has changed. When I tap on a camera from the dashboard, it goes to the new, horizontal timeline event history. Is there a way to change that back? This view presents much less information than the old one.

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Good question @jkyoung! The Timeline is a permanent feature on the dashboard of your Ring app. This allows for a quick real-time view of recent events. For a more detailed view of all events, the event history list can still be accessed.

From the Ring app dashboard > select menu (top left) > select History. This should bring you to the event history list. There may also be a quick tile, above your timeline tiles, titled History and it should bring you to the same list. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I don’t like that change, and I hope you’ll consider giving users the option again. With the timeline, I see only 1 or 2 events on the screen at one time. With the previous event history list, I can see up to 11 events at once. This makes it much easier to select an event that happened several hours ago.