Event History display has changed

Recently the Event History list has changed, so that now instead of using the full page, it’s a little scrollable list with the video off to the right. I don’t like this format and would like to be able to select an option to use the old format, but don’t find any options for changing the display. Another recent change - when I select full screen, there are no controls (pause, play, sound, etc) and I have to hit Esc to get out. Hoping this is just a glitch that will soon be fixed, as I often want to stop and restart a video in full screen mode.

I should have mentioned, this is on my laptop, display hasn’t changed on iphone.

Using latest version of Firefox on Windows 10.

Hey @bmiller. We did recently make some updates on the website, so we appreciate the feedback you’ve provided here. With that said, you will still have access to the video controls when viewing a recorded video in fullscreen. Simply move the mouse and you should see the controls at the bottom reappear temporarily so you can select the option you need. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: