Errors on the NZ Ring website

I am sure these are not community questions but there are some errors on the website.

Firstly, after logging in with my user account the initial page that has my activitie shows up. All the recordings are there but none of them play they are all just black. The videos are really there as I can see them on my phone app so I know they have recorded. Even older videos that previously have been playable are now not.

Secondly, any link that I tired to go to ie: Products/Protect Plans/Shop that redirects to is showing an error page.

Oops, something went wrong.

What happened?
Addresses province is not valid

This does not happen for the Support links that go to, seems to just be the ones.


Hey @mbuswell. Do you have any VPNs turned on? You are not able to access and the Ring app through a VPN, so please ensure you turn this off first before accessing to watch any videos and manage your account.