Error playing history footage

My ring doorcam works fine in live view. It logs history but I can’t view them. It keeps saying error.
Any help please?

Hi there, @Happylarry! The best next step will be to view these videos on the website, by logging in at via web browser. Doing this will rule out many variables. If videos play there, subscription is active and your Ring device is communicating properly with the Ring app. If they still do not play, please ensure that there is not vpn enabled and that your Protect Plan subscription is active. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I have been having issue with my event history. It is very frustrating to not being able to play back anything. I called three times this month to try to get this resolved, but I am still waiting for Ring to “investigate” what is wrong. If anyone has the same issue and it’s resolved, please let me know since I can’t depend on Ring.

I’ve been having the same issue for a couple days. I tap on the event history video and nothing happens. Usually it opens a video screen but there’s no video there. Now it doesn’t even open a video screen. My experience with RING has been awful. One of the worst products I’ve ever owned. I came on here to look and see if others were having the same problems. Sounds like I’m not unfortunately.