Error code 0x802B000A on Windows 10 App


I got error code 0x802B000A when attempting to start the Windows 10 App, so I uninstalled it and now get that same error on login. Using v2.3.3 now.

I note this has also been reported on a Windows site, but it appears to be a Ring issue to me at least:

Anyone else seeing this or have resolved it?


Thank you for letting us know @Murt ! Please keep an eye out for an app update to help with this as it should be available very soon.

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It is good to hear that somebody at Ring is working on this. But, you might need to inform some people in your support group of that.

I reported this via the problem reporting page and about 5 hrs after your post “James R” replied that I could “contact “Microsoft” customer service” and “we cannot assist you with this since it is out of our scope”.

“Thank you for contacting Ring Community Support. My name is James R.

I understand that you wanted to know what’s the meaning of the error message you’ve received when you try accessing your windows store app. I know how important it is for you to get fixed. I would want to resolve this kind of matter as well. I’ll provide you the information’s about that.

In regards with your concern, we’re sorry as much as we want to help but we cannot assist you with this since it is out of our scope. We strongly suggest that may you please contact “Microsoft” customer service because they were the one who’s going to handle for this case. I hope you’ll understand, thanks.”

Thank you for this information. We’ll get a team member to review your ticket!

@Murt @jpkelley Wanted to follow up on this. Are you still experiencing any problems? Thanks!

Looks to be working again in the 2.4.0 release.

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Great! Thanks for the update as well as your patience :slight_smile: