Enhancements To Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro

A few improvements which will enable the best use of a reasonably expensive video door bell. The bell supports both 2.4 ghz & 5 ghz Wi-Fi radio signals, it never connects with the 5GHz radio signal even though the signal strength is reasonably high. Maybe the internal antenna is unable to access the signal properly. This seems to have got resolved recently.

For an advanced user & to enhance the sales at the current price point, you may need to seriously consider the following :

a) To set up the bell through a user friendly web interface on the local lan without any dependence on the interface with the cloud. This will allow full use of motion detection

.b) Related to the above an interface to store real-time video on an FTP / NAS server

.c) Allow users to add custom rings with a variable duration setting. The custom rings on a local server which can be any mp3 file.

Hi @Yesh_Enjeti. Thank you for this feedback! I suggest searching our Feature Request Board to see if a similar request exists. If this is the first Feature Request of this nature, feel free to submit a Feature Request and link it in this post here. This will help other neighbors add value and interest, as well as help us organize requests. Thanks, neighbor.

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