End of trial problem

Hi - I currently have a ring security camera with a monthly payment plan. I installed a second camera but it’s saying that the trial subscription for it has expired. Is there something I need to do to add it to my account as my understanding was that the monthly subscription covered all my ring devices? Thanks

Hey @snellij. Do you have the monthly basic or the monthly plus plan? If you have the plus plan, it comes as many devices per location, so you will need to make sure both devices on the same location. If you have the monthly basic, it’s only for one device for each basic plan you have. You will need to have a basic plan for each device, or if you have more than 3 devices, I recommend to do the one plus plan, to cover all devices, as it will save you more money. You can sign up for another basic plan here, or if you have the plus plan and the device is still not covered under it, reach out to our support team here to fix this!