Emergencies Caused by Ring Camera 10 Minute Live View Timeout

I have been reading about people who have experienced emergencies due to Ring camera live view 10 minute timeouts and I’m curious how widespread the issue is.

If you have experienced an emergency related to the 10 minute Live View timeout, please post the details here.

As an example, one Ring community member claims they were monitoring their infant that appeared to be sleeping. The 10 minute time out occurred and by the time the person was able to re-connect to the live view stream, their infant had attempted to climb out of her crib.

jamaster14 wrote:

"We were in live view mode with our child sleeping. it timed out. in the minute until it reconnced our child was up trying to climb out of her crib. we were able to race up and prevent her, but had it been a few more seconds no luck."


Remove TIMEOUTS - this is basic!