Emails to Access My Acct at 1AM?

I know what a phishing email looks like but I woke up today to find 4 emails from Ring Support with a link to my Amazon account to grant Ring access. The return email looks to be a valid Amazon account so my question is, what was going on at 1AM that Ring needed my permission to access my account so many times? I tried to call support up but the wait time was over 45 mins.

Hi @GetAKitty. Typically, when you call support, they will send you an email to grant authorization to view your account and assist you in troubleshooting. This is done to verify that you are the account owner and is used for security purposes only. If you received multiple emails like this, the support agent may have mistakenly clicked a button too many times. There may have also been a delay in the delivery do to a bad signal or routine maintenance with your email provider.

I was asleep when this happened and had not called for support.

There’s always a possibility someone was trying to gain access to your account. Be sure you use a unique password for your Ring account and have MultiFactor Authentication setup if it isn’t already.