Effect of linked motion sensor on doorbell 2 behavior

I have a smart lighting motion sensor linked to my doorbell 2 so that when the smart lighting motion sensor detects motion the doorbell records video.

The smart lighting motion sensor will detect motion several seconds before a visitor presses the doorbell button.

Thats when the unexpected doorbell behavior occurs. The “ring event” does not show up in the phone app history. The ring event does not not cause an app notification on the phone. However, I can hear a chime sound that might be coming from the doorbell or one of the chimes in the house, not sure which. But all of the chimes in the house do not make a sound.

The linked motion event does show up in the history as expected.

In the case where the smart lighting motion sensor does not detect motion and the doorbell button is pushed. Everything works as expected. The app notification happens, the ring event is listed in history, and all of the chimes in the house make a sound.

My question is should the linked motion event prevent the ring event from happening?


It would be great if this issue could be fixed. A linked smart lighting motion sensor should not prevent the doorbell from ringing.

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Thank you for sharing this experience in detail @F50! I’ve researched this further to understand the intended functionality and difference between a ring push following regular motion, and a ring push following a linked event trigger.

Linked device operations are intended to take priority as it is a direct request rule through the app set by our neighbors. As the Linked devices feature allows for multiple operations to be carried out upon a single trigger, the functionality may vary based on a number of devices, settings, and initial trigger. While this is in reference to the recording aspect of things, it does not clarify the ding notification and chimes functionality.

Of course, I’ve shared this feedback with the team, who are always looking to improve our features and devices. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

just a note to support this request. It’s great that the pathlight can trigger the doorbell to start recording early but I like to be able to interact with the person who then pushes the doorbell. Since the linked event is preventing the doorbell ring alert from going to my phone I am unable to do this.