Eero Mesh Wifi incompatibility

It seems to me that there is a compatibility issue with newer Eero systems.

I have a new Eero 6 mesh Wi-Fi that my cameras will not connect to (Indoor Cam and Floodlight camera). Both cameras do connect to my old routers (an AT&T wifi modem/router and a NETGEAR PowerLINE WiFi 1000).

I have Even tried disabling the 5ghz band on my Eero system and it still fails to connect and claims my router is too far away even if I place my Eero 6 extender within inches of my cameras.

The odd thing is that my battery powered Video Doorbell (1st gen) has no issues connecting to the Eero6 mesh Wi-fi.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I contacted Ring support and have a Chime Pro on the way but even in the FAQ of the Chime Pro page (Ring Chime Pro | Doorbell and Camera Accessories | Ring) it indicates that the Eero mesh wifi should work. Also, I have seen people claiming they are having issues even with their Chime Pro’s connections to the Eero mesh WiFi. So…. Whats the solution to make Amazon’s Eero Mesh WiFi work with all of Amazon’s Ring cameras?

I’ve been trying to find this out too. I have been on multiple forums and looked back to discussions to 2019 with alot of people having problems with Ring and mesh systems.

There have been huge discussions on this with people still having problems yet Ring sells Eero. I wanted to upgrade to a mesh system but after reading so many people having problems, Ring cams and doorbells getting bricked and tech support not coming out with a definite fix, I’ll just upgrade to a regular router or get rid of the video doorbell and stick up cams.

I use eero Pro and eero 6 devices in my house and my Ring cameras connect perfectly to both Pro and 6 access points.

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