Edit button missing, iOS app

The “edit” button in the event history is missing. I now have to pull up the event history for each individual camera in order to delete events. How can this be rectified?

iOS up to date.
Troubleshooting steps:
I’ve force closed and reopened the app, then deleted and reinstalled the app.

Mine is also. I’m on iOS Beta 14.4 which might be my problem though. Hopefully Ring updates the app soon I’m at over 400 events to delete 1 at a time. Not happening.

I am experiencing the same problem but running iOS 13.6, I’ll try to connect with Ring and make them aware.

Follow up to my previous reply. Spoke with customer help person. She said the Edit button has been “temporarily “ removed from the app. No time frame on when/if it will be restored (as of 8/8/2020).


Interesting change. I will disable all cameras otherwise I’ll have a few thousand to delete. Storage must become an issue.

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WHAT??!!??!! That’s ridiculous,

you can go in to each camera event history then swipe right and it brings up the option to delete all,was better when you could do all cameras at the same time but this is better than doing 1 event at a time on each camera,hope this is helpful

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“On iPhone I used to be able to click “edit” in History and delete all videos. The edit button is no longer there and I can’t figure out how to delete all now. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app hoping that would work but nope.”

Thanks this was very helpful. Went tl each individual device and cleared them out. Wat better than doing it individually. :slight_smile:

Why can’t I delete all my camera history all at once anymore? Now I have to go through and delete each activity individually.

I suspect this was an unintentional change with the last update. It is definitely a pain and hope Ring resolves this soon.

If you click on the top “walking” person, it works just like the edit button. Then you can select the ones you want to delete, then hit the garbage can.

Hey neighbors! Thank you for bringing up this concern. Our team is aware of this bug in the app and is working on fixing this for a future app update. Please use the recommended workarounds from other neighbors mentioned in this thread, and I will update this thread as well when this is fixed. Thank you for your patience in the meantime! :slight_smile:

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Hopefully final update. It seems to be working again. Go to History and swipe the screen from left to right. You should see the delete all button. This will delete all videos from all cameras. Good luck!


This is a real pain. If you download the Windows App you can still delete all.

Oh and ditch the multi factor authentication too. Ring is helping me regret it. I most certainly won’t recommend this product. Why did ring do this? Something against Apple?

Awesome. Works great. May be simpler way than before. Thnx

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