Echo Show 8 mic not working

This has worked for me also
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The issue is down to rich notifications
When this is turned off the mic option on an answered echo show works and communicates

Solution for now is tuning off rich notifications. Some people have confirmed this workaround fixed the issue.

EDIT: I have tried and it fixed the issue for me

Please pass to dev team as I wish to use rich notifications

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If you don’t have subscription, you are not able to turn off rich notification.

With not being able to turn on and off, two way talk does not work when doorbell is pressed.

Just tried turning off rich notifications and while my echo show stills show the front door all you have to do is unmute and all works fine 2way comms. I’ve yet to find the verbal command to unmute.
Also the echo dots etc also work with “answer the front door” but take an age… to connect (light goes green) then 2way comms.
Happy days. Well at least it’s a step forward in the right direction. Thanks to the person who posted this fix.
Now all we need now is for the delivery people to wait for someone to answer. Not just dump the parcel and go. The main reason I bought one. :joy:

Hi Irishpike,
I have been encountering the exact same issue you describe here for the past 6-8 weeks.
Today I have noted that the problem has been rectified and I can conduct successful two way conversation with the party who presses the doorbell.
Is your issue ongoing or is it resolved too?

Hi WauloK,
A friend is considering purchase echo show 5 now that this issue is resolved on the echo show 8.
Can you please confirm if your problem is resolved?
Thank you.

I had this exact issue and it is no longer.
Is your issue persisting?