Echo Show 10 - Return Nightmare

So, we finally received the echo show 10 from a June order. Plugged it in and it is defective. Yesterday I called Ring, they sent me to Amazon, since it is an Amazon product. Amazon said, since you bought it on Ring, Ring needs to replace the item. I am on the phone again today. They are still trying to send me to Amazon. I have a Ring order number.

They are now doing the “Account Logistics” again. Should receive an email in the next few days.

I have never had so many issues with Ring and Amazon before. Beyond frustrated at this point.

The Echo Show 10 is a beautiful device, just sucks we waited since June and finally received it yesterday and it is defective.

I’ve answered this for you here.

Thanks. I was able to get it escalated the other day. I am thinking the first time I called they somehow thought I needed technical support. That is why they sent me to Amazon. But I told them it was defective and they still preceded to send me there. Hopefully this all get sorted out soon.

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