Dusk till dawn setting

Hi can someone post the correct setting to have the security lights disabled between dawn and dusk - Basically so if motion is seen during the day the lights won’t come on - but at night they will. The settings in the app seem to allow you to have them switch off and the start setting has only a dusk or custom time option - so I can’t figure out how you do the above - Thanks

Hi there, @Growe1964! If this is regarding Camera Light Schedules, our Community post by @Riley_Ring contains steps on how to use as well as where to find the settings. If you are asking about Smart Lighting schedules, check out our help center article for tips on using this feature.

Please keep in mind, and as mentioned in the Community link above, you might not see the Camera light schedules in your app currently because it is being released slowly to all Ring users in their mobile app. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this to all our neighbors. :slight_smile: