Downloading a large event

Hi ,
I have posted on here as cant really get to the bottom of this and do need advice and an answer. My cameras cover my neighbours vehicle. A Police investigation is taking place and my neighbour and the police need my video recording. his vehicle returns home around 6pm. The car doesn’t move until the police are called at 5am…so thats 11 hours. I viewed event history on my account and that shows the vehicle there but only when there is a motion , say a cat or passing car. Sometimes there was no motion for an hour so there would be an hour gap and everyone would have to believe the camera sensor didn’t malfunction and there was no motion during that one hour near my neighbours car.
The police viewed my phone and i can quickly scroll back in time whilst watching my drive and the neighbours car. Because my cameras take a snap shot every 60 seconds. I can scroll back 11 hours and in fast time see cats walking past, the occasional hedgehog, a car, milkman etc and then at 5am the police arrive.
The Police and my neighbour need this 11 hour footage in real time (not speeded up and with no gaps in the time recordings). Somehow i need to record the 11 hours and give it to them on a flash drive or something. Can anyone tell me how to do this as I am struggling and its very important.

Hi @Scott1234. It is possible to download recorded events and the snapshots that happen in between these events. However, it is not possible to download what happens in between the snapshots because there is no recording there to download. You can learn more about the snapshot capture feature here. This Help Center article here will go over how to download or share your videos. Once the available footage is downloaded, you can transfer it to the storage device of your choosing. I hope this helps.