Download videos made simple

Saving more than 1 video is a chore = 4 steps for 1 video! Say a user would like the option to save the whole week of videos 7 videos a day over 7 days, that is then 196 key presses.

Give us the simple option of;

1)tap edit (select buttons show)

  1. “select all”, “week” or individual videos

  2. tap a download button at the bottom next to the bin/ delete all keys.

Its quick, simple and give users the option of how many they can dowload not be restricted by Ring to one at a time.

Please consider this for the web page to - as creating links for a weeks worth of videos is totally unnecessary.



Seriously, I have been paying for 3+ years for this thing, and if I don’t download videos every 3-6 months (who knows what the policy is now) they go away. What is the point of paying for you to store them if: A) you only store them for a few months, and B) you have to jump through major hoops to download the file… then the file name is not even contain the date or time anymore! If you want to download multiple files it is even worse.

It would be trivial to give us a download button on every video instead of having to use the share video link that ultimately takes 2 more steps to give us the same video again that we can then download - just put it there in the first place! And seriously, why give us the rando file name that you use internally, it should be a useful file name to the person downloading it - like the date and time and camera name or something.

  • Very dissapointed

I need this too - In addition to being able to download some/all of my recordings, I’d like to check a box that would allow me to also delete them off Ring if I’d like to, after they were downloaded.