Doorview Cam (Peephole Cam) Flex-Cable Issue

I installed a new Doorview Cam (Peephole Cam) in August. Since, I have replaced the flex cable twice due to the video permanently changing from color to black and white. This is the third cable malfunction. I discussed this issue with a Ring representative while ordering a replacement flex cable and was advised it is a known issue. Is Ring working on revising the cable to prevent this reoccurring failure or offering an updated device to replace the defective one?

Sorry to hear about this experience @dtaylor81! At Ring, we pride ourselves in providing dependable devices and innovative features so that our neighbors can feel like they are always home. Something I could recommend here is to ensure the cable is not unplugged often or has no chance of debris getting between the pins/ contacts.

Thank you for working with our support to obtain that replacement part. We will certainly be sharing this feedback with the appropriate teams for further investigation.

The device is never tampered with between replacing the defective cables, so your reply doesn’t apply.