Doorbells Feature Request

No, the instructions come with a level that it can only be mounted vertically.

Yes I know, but uch a feature would be nice and probably not very difficult to implement… I don’t see any obvious reason why this should not be possible.
I mounted mine horizontally and the only thing that is bothering me is that the picture is shifted to 90 degree… Which should not be hard to fix…
At the end I substituted my old doorbell, which was installed horizontally… My new ring doorbell covers the hole left from the old one…
I bet a lot of people (especially in Europe) have this problem. Here the doorbells are horizontal!!

This might be posted already so I apologize. I would really like the live view from my doorbell to instantly pop up on my phone when the motion sensor activates or the doorbell rings, instead of having to go through all the steps to get to the live view. Thanks.

@NorthernRing wrote:

This might be posted already so I apologize. I would really like the live view from my doorbell to instantly pop up on my phone when the motion sensor activates or the doorbell rings, instead of having to go through all the steps to get to the live view. Thanks.

It used to do this, does not appear to anymore, well, not on my tablets anyway, i do believe it still does on my phone for doorbel rings, its under Notification Preferences, In-App notifications, the wording is terrible though, and if you can figure out if on or off applies to showing the live view automatically, please let me know :wink:

i would like a dedicated on off button in the app so I could turn off all the functions on the doorbell so I can go out to say get the mail and not have a video load so me or any phones that share the account have to scroll through not knowing if it’s important or not. The person that’s home knows what happened but not the other one who’s say at work.

I have two problems with the Ring system.

  1. The first problem I have is that the Ring App must download videos. This is fine when you are on wifi but it is useless when you are away from wifi. The data-rates in many locations are too slow. The app should detect when data-rates are slow and download only a few JPEG still images from each video – unless the user ASKS THE APP to download the entire video.

  2. The Ring unit uses motion detection to wake up. It then connects to wifi and tries to send the video. What if the wifi connection doesn’t happen fast enough or is unreliable? There should be a microSD memory slot in the Ring unit to record the video so that it will always be preserved until a wifi connection can be established. You should be able to retrieve the microSD card from the Ring and watch the last video (user buys and installs a larger microSD card if they want a longer preserved time period).


This has been mentioned by others but just adding kudos doesn’t seem to be enough so pardon me for being redundant.

I’ve owned the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for over two years and in that time two things have happened that I consider unacceptable. These are not “feature requests”. They are “fix it” requests.

First, when I installed it I could actually use it to answer the door. It was one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. As several others have said, the connection delay has become so bad that a feature that once worked well is now completely useless. I learned from reading this forum that there is another app (Rapid Ring) that solves this problem, at least for some people. (The reviews are mixed.) I don’t want yet another app to keep up with. Please, fix the one that used to work.

Second, the doorbell has gone offline a few times where it appears to have completely crashed. I don’t mean it lost its connection. It just died. I have to completely remove/restore power to regain its sanity. That’s not really my complaint. My issue is that the lack of any kind of notification means I cannot depend on this device. Obviously, it can’t send a notification if it’s offline. However, something should be polling devices to make sure that they are responding. If a device doesn’t respond, send a notification. It takes essentially no network overhead to simply ask a device once in a while if it’s still there. As it is, I am left to discover when the device has gone offline. Not knowing that a security device has gone offline dramatically weakens the security that it is supposed to be providing. By the way, if you use the app to try to connect to a device that is offline, the app reports that there is no internet connection. That is absolutely false and not helpful at all.

The bottom line is that a device that worked well for me at the start, has become something that I can no longer depend on. So while new features are nice, if the basics don’t work then all the new features in the world become totally meaningless. Please spend some time fixing the basics while you work on new features.

Thank you.


I don’t expect phone to ring but I expect chime to ring as door bell and chime both are on same Wifi network. Internet down and you don’t know if someone is at door!

Setting holiday rings would be great! Its Christmas time so DECK THE HALLS might even put a smile on the Postal, UPS, FEDEX and other delivery drivers’ faces.

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I would like to have reliable and fast live view. Now it takes about 10 seconds to connect for live view and it also fails from time to time. Using the rapid ring app doesn’t change anything. Rssi via - 48 (unifi ac lr accesspoint is 2 meter away from ring). The ring is hard wired to a power supply. It feels like the ring goes to sleep and has a hard time to wake up. But because it is hard wired it doesn’t have to sleep imo.


I’m not sure if someone has already suggested this but… Bandwidth issues come up quite a lot, for the Doorbell 2 it would be handy if it could be switched to use 720p like the original Doorbell and use less bandwidth, if only to determine if that makes it more reliable etc.

Hi, I would really like the motion detection to have a setting to alert you only if a person is seen by the cam… have motion alerts sends me notifications every 10 mins as it picks up everything so it has to be turned off for me, but if you could have a setting that recognised a person / face (same as my Hive) then I could have this alert me. It would be really useful and a great intruder deterrent.


Request is to detect motion when anything/human coming towards the bell.

I noticed videos shared by neighbors and tested myself, human motion detection happens when someone is moving away from door. It means, ring door bell not able to show clear face of someone who just stole the package. It is interesting that it detects a moving car @ 25mph on the street but not able to detect a person coming towards the door …


i wish the doorbell camera will continue recording if theres motion. why does it stop affter 30 seconds. i have the video doorbell 2 its wired and has a battery.

I know thousands of people have requested this across reddit, fb, and other comment sections and forums, and I don’t know why Ring doesn’t care, but having manual control over night vision would greatly improve this device. I purchased my Ring Video Doorbell 2 primarily for night time use. With my porch light, the video quality is great if I trick the sensor with a laser pointer into thinking it’s daylight (turning off night vision). However with the infrared night vision enabled, the video quality is horendous and absolutely useless for identifying anyone. Does Ring have a response to this?

I am a developer and know this could be done with a VERY simple firmware update.

I also know thousands of Ring customers “neighbors” would like this manual feature.

And I also know Ring has been entirely unresponsive on this front.


Add PROPER two factor authentication, using an app like Auth, Google Authenticator, etc. SMS two factor is not good enough.


Add the ability for the user to “Implement” a Firmware upgrade. I have 2 Ring Pros and of course both are at different Firmware levels. The user needs the option to Stay Current. You can see the Firmware level and tell if it is current but a user needs too be able to update and also to see the “fixes” available adn Firmware levels available.



Agreed - it is too easy to get a carrier to issue a SIM card to the wrong person, and now they are getting your SMS two factor code.

If someone wants to go to that extreme, they’ll get it someway. Who’s going to go and do that? If your that concerned, you’d be better off with a closed system than Ring.

Number of mechanical bell rings > 1

Would be nice if Video Doorbell Pro can ring the mechanical chime a customizable number of times with a single push of the door bell button. Currently, a single ding-dong is insufficient.

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