Doorbell V2 integration


So we are a rather huge community that uses Ring integration with a system called H omey, and everything works fine with this integration, except with Ring Doorbell V2.

In H omey you can create flows “when doorbell is pressed” then “grab snapshot” > When “Snapshot is grabbed” Then “Send image to user” this works with Ring PRO fine etc but with Doorbell V2 it doesnt, I am not the brightest star in the sky, but is keen to get this to work, and on the H omey Community they blame Ring api.

“I acknowledge that v2 seems to have a snapshot issue. But it seems to be an API issue on the Ring side. I am unable to get those snapshots if the api returns a not found error. Maybe they changed the api or there is a bug in v2 firmware not updating the snapshot properly. But i do not think its the app. If someone knows a integration that is open source an working with snapshots right now than i am more than willing to look at how they use the API to look for differences.
But I can not fix this without a working example for the v2. For me the ring app not even updates the snap in the device list. only on the timeline they are working.”

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So seems when you refresh a snapshot it just reuse the same it allready took, meaning you get same snapshot over and over again, and usually it triggers after user left already so you just get a empty picture.

Please advise.

Thank you for sharing this with the Community @Wicked! At Ring we are always working to improve and add to our features and devices. While I can’t comment on the roadmap at this time, what I can tell you is that we will make product decisions based on what will best empower neighbors with an affordable, effective way to monitor and secure their homes.

That being said, we always value our neighbors’ feedback and have created a Feature Request Board just for this! Feel free to post this and any other feature requests there, as we will frequently share these with our teams here.