Doorbell unconnected

The doorbell is not connected to the internet. We push the button on side of ring . The doorbell spins. I think it is suppose to ask for my Internet password but it never does. My viewing screen has a line through the view symbol and says in is offline

I had received an message from ring that said a put ring in away mode 9/11/2020 . I looked at my ring and it says it is in home mode

Hi @Jrlavelle. Pushing the setup button will put the Doorbell into setup mode. If it’s already connected to your home wifi network, it doesn’t need to be put into setup mode as it is already connected. If it’s offline, you can reconnect it to wifi by following the steps under Set Up a Device in the Ring App, which will take you through the whole setup process. You can also read more about the Modes feature in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: