Doorbell Ringing at night -- dropping voltage

I’ve got two Video Doorbell Pro units hooked up for front and back. I’m using the Ring transformer and the existing wiring and mechanical doorbell. The only problem I have is that the mechanical doorbell will ring at night, followed a an electrical buzzing noise, then ring again to the point that I have to shut down the breaker. The weird thing is that it doesn’t do this every night and it doesn’t appear to be weather/temperature related. When it does happen, I check device health and it shows poor voltage for each device. Any thoughts? I have purchased a new transformer that is 24v and 40va, but I’m not sure that will solve the problem.

Hi @CamaroMan. Do you have your Pro Power Kit connected to your Chime Kit? Also, what do you have selected for your Chime Kit (Mechanical, Digital or None)? This could be what is causing your concerns. This Community post here has some great information on getting your Ring Pro up and running. Let me know if this helps.