Doorbell recording does not start soon enough

I have a hardwired Ring Doorbell. When I get a notification of a button press, the recording starts at that press. I would like it a lot if the recording began sooner, so that I could see the delivery person drop-kicking my package and then ringing the doorbell. Since there is time travel, the doorbell would have to be recording to an internal buffer (which is fine for my wired doorbell) and then use the N-seconds of video prior to the button press.

This would also be great for motion-triggered events, too. For example, a car pulling into my driveway but not setting off motion, leaving a vandal or thief, then driving off. The vandal/thief sets off the motion and the recording includes the car. Many of my motion-triggered events start with the person walking AWAY from the camera instead of approaching it.

Hi there, @jimkoke2! Depending on which model of Video Doorbell you have, our Video Doorbell 3 Plus has a feature called Pre-Roll, which is an advanced feature that allows for 4 additional seconds prior to a motion event. Check out our help center article for more information about Pre-roll, which is also available with many of our Camera devices.

For other Video Doorbell models, I recommend checking the Motion Frequency setting to ensure you are getting all motion alerts. It’s always a great step to check wifi signal strength for an opportunities in improvement, as well, when it comes to the quick delivery and connection to live events. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: