Doorbell Pro offline

I just got doorbell pro installed by elecitrician.

I managed to get it connects to Chime Pro once via WIFI. 2 mins later, the door bell pro goes offline and I am not able to get it reconnect again. I follow the instruction by press the button at right but the ring button doesn’t flash in circle.

Can someone confirm if this doorbell is not function where I need a replacement?

Hi @bjhome, is the Doorbell Pro getting any lights at all? If you do not see any sign of light on the Doorbell itself (the circle is not lit up at all), even after you press the setup button and the doorbell button itself, you may be looking at a power concern. Once installed, the Doorbell Pro normally needs a little while to fully charge up and have consistent power. If it does not get consistent power during this time, then there may have been a missed step during the installation.

To see if you can wake up the Pro, you can press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds. After that time, if you still get no lights, then the Pro is not receiving enough or any power anymore. At that point I would recommend calling back the electrician that installed your Doorbell Pro to have them re-look at the powering and wiring. If needed, you can also reach out to our support team here for further guidance or if you and the electrician run into any other problems when trying to bring it back to its state before!