Doorbell Pro offline

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Doorbell Pro for some weeks now.

Since yesterday the status is ‘offline’.

Voltage is ‘Very good’ and signal strenght ‘Good RSSI -51’.

Now it won’t ring and also live view (from remote) is not possible.

What could be the problem?

I’m experiencing a similar issue myself and it’s not connecting to my internal network. I have one of the first generation Ring doorbells and I had to replace my WiFi with a new model. Well my Ring didn’t reconnect after I installed the new access point. So I get the little orange screw driver and go out to remove it from the base and reset the unit by pressing the orange button on the back side. Well Ring put black metal screws in the unit and now they are rusted and stripped so I can’t remove my unit to reset and rejoin my network. This maybe all you need to do is reset your Ring and rejoin your homes network. Hope this helps.

Hey @benalla ! A reset may help with this. To complete a reset, remove the faceplate from the Ring Pro and hold the setup button on the side for 20 seconds. Once complete you may need to perform a new setup in the app to reconnect.

@garyjfowler If you are unable to remove your Video Doorbell from where it is mounted, our support team will be happy to help at 800-656-1918. :slight_smile:

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I have done a reset of my wifi modem. No positive result.

Strange thing is that some time the doorbell becomes active for a short moment en then drops away offline.

Doorbell does not ring but the motion sensor is working.

I will try to reset it later today, see if that does work.

after a couple of years working, my Ring Pro went offline at midnight Nov, seems like a strange time for this to happen, was there any new firmware update push maybe? that impacted my unit?

I have been troubleshooting for the past couple of days with no luck.

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Same problem as Brad…

It looks like my doorbell stopped working on the about the 12th of october. I just unhooked the power last night and powered it back up and it rang 1 time from the push of the button and stopped…

no Video at all and no ring beyond that first one.

Hit the reset for 20 and 30 seconds and got nothing. not too happy, especialy when i see that someone else had the same issue after about 2 years. Hadn’t touche the settings at all in 2 years!

Brad, I found this earlier today and wanted you to know that even though we are out of warranty they are sending me a new unit after i described what was going on and what i tried to troubleshoot…

Might be worth a try…

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Hi, is your PROs Ring light lit? If not it’s a power issue so all data you are seeing in the app is historical. You may need check your power supply and transformer to the PRO, or it can ultimately be a failed unit.

'The PRO relies on constant quality power to ensure that it’s internal fixed battery and capacitor circuit are fully changes - ready for a button push as well as smoothing out small power fluctuations that allow it to record 24/7 into its few second buffer. The Power fluctuation can be magnified if an existing Bell unit is used as this can pull a high % of the available power from the supply (shared if using the Bell units transformer) when it chimes/rings.

Power issues initially show up as either a failure to initiate a cloud connection (and recording) after a button push, or no power at all. In the first instance, the PRO looks fine, but when the button is pushed the Ring will probably sound, but the light will go out. This indicates that the internal power has been drained and it goes off line. Within a minutes or so it can be back online and then Ring light is back on. Gradually this period will lengthen until the battery dies completely.

Why does ten internal battery die? Well various issues can affect it, but the quality of the power supply plays a big part as does the number of Ring events.

No Ring light would indicate a power issue, and it could be a failed device as above, or it’s a failed transformer/power supply to the PRO. Transformers can and do simply fail.

hope this helps in an understanding of theses issues. Many people don’t realise the PRO has a small onboard battery and how important it is.

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thanks for your note, did the same and are they are sending a replacement. A known issue with some of the early models in certain serial number ranges.

I must say their tech support was good and replacing beyond the warranty period is awesome.

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Good to hear it’s being replaced. The PRO has been evolved over time to chase out various issues. Hopefully you will have a long relationship with this one!