Doorbell Pro off line

I bought 2 doorbells pro 4 months ago. For the last 4 months, I’m trying to figure out the what is causing one of them to go off line once every about 2 days… They are both connected to the same transformer (new from ring). One of the doorbells goes off line all the time, the other not. Power, when tested on the back screws shows 17 V AC. So far I run new wires from transformer to the doorbell. Replaced transformer. Got another doorbell under warranty. Replaced the power kit. Double and triple tested everything.

The problem is the problematic doorbell pro shows low voltage but the voltage is there (checking with multimeter). I’m pressing the buttons (big round one and the small on the side) but nothing happens. To get it to work, I disconnect it from power for some time and connected it back, then it will start working again for a day or two. Then the process repeats and I have to go trough the disconnect / connect process again.

Did anyone had an issue like that and found what the problem is?

VBR, Andy G

Going off line isn’t necessarily a power related issue. Could just be your WiFi/Router/Network setup.

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