Doorbell Pro - delay in activating bell / Chime Pro?

Just got my first doorbell pro (and doorbell 2) - been using Ring Security for over a year. Read through instructions and still can’t figure this out.

After setup / configuration complete, I’ll ring the doorbell, blue circle begins, and 5 seconds later the inside doorbell rings. The blue circle continues for 30 seconds or so and you can’t make the doorbell ring for at least another 2 minutes or so. Is this normal? Sometimes there is a need to press a second / and a 3rd time) to get someone’s attention (at least at my house). Is this working as designed?

Same with the Doorbell 2 (which rings my Chime Pros / not the physical doorbell). Press the button, blue circle begins, and Chime Pros ring as configured - but won’t do it again even when button pushed for at least 2 minutes.

Is this works as designed or did I forgot to configure something?

Mine does the same thing. And sometimes doesn’t even record. When I go to look it says no recording available, and why are some green and some yellow? Had someone at my front door lastnight and didnt record until they were leaving,just got the person’s back.