Doorbell Pro Cover set screw tool?

Doorbell disconnected and cover set screw tool needed remove cover doesn’t appear to be in the tool kit. Hollow center starr bit seems to be needed. Used a jeweler’s small common screwdriver to wedge in the screw to remove. Am I missing or lost a second starr bit? Picture of correct tool?

Here is the kit that comes with the doorbell pro.
If your just missing a part, customer service may be able to send it to you or give you the exact information of what bit you’d need.
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Found the correct hollow center tool in my garage tool box. Ring should not use two different but similar tools for set screws across product lines. A lot of us have spotlight or flood light cameras as well as doorbells. Tools look the same at first glance but aren’t. Doctor neighbor I just saw outside has had the same issue thinking the camera starr screw was the same as the doorbell!
I bought my Ring products based on his and my brother’s satisfaction. Add information to product, at a minimum, to ensure customers are aware of tool configuration needed.

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