Doorbell Pro 2 way audio issue

Get an app called Rapid Ring

That sorted the problem put for me

I have spent hours on the phone, tried a replacement, most recently hung up on as i was waiting for advanced support for the 2nd time. It is just too painful – every Ring person tries to start from scratch, and then I start all over again.

Too bad, i have Ring security system too, but this run around might turn me to other products. The echo is just horrible, and does it on Rapid Ring as well.

I have updated my phone to the latest updates for the ring app and also the latest OnePlus patches and system updates and it now seems to be working correctly.

Just test both ring app and ring rapid and all seems to be ok.

I had the same problem with my I phone. I followed some else’s suggestion and disabled the event history timeline and solved the problem.

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I dont know if this the same for everyone here. i just get choppy broken audio when i switch to call. in playback it all seems fine. if im just listening in on live mode all good. but when i hit that green call button, boom choppy and inaudible. i can barely understand them and they can barely understand me. soo annoying. im still running a samsung s7 android 8.0. i have the issue with the floodlight cameras as well same issue with the mrs samsung s9

anyone found a proper fix or know what to do. called up ring and they said nothing to do with us, its a samsung issue

thank you

I tried all solutions that I saw posted, nothing worked. When I turned down the ring DOORBELL volume under device general settings, problem solved. Turned it back up… Squeel, down, goes away.

Solved by going into Account and turning off Timeline feature (Samsung Galaxy S20).

Installed Ring 3 plus and the 2 way sound worked for a day. Now it works for a few seconds then goes silent, then works for a few seconds then silent. Keeps doing this over and over.

Mine is doing the exact same thing. Works for a few seconds, then goes silent and also worked for the first day - now this!

I read over 100 suggestions and comments on this thread as I have the same issue. I tried all the suggestions to no avail and still have garbled audio in both directions. I too have a Samsung S7 along with the wife so we both hear gibberish when communicating via the doorbell. My daughter has the same Ring Pro so I added her as a User. She lives about 11miles away. I then went outside and as the motion alert hit her, she started talking before I got up to the doorbell. Communications in both directions were as clear as a bell. She has an iPhone. Sorry but I didn’t ask what model but all I cared about at the time was that the Ring doorbell was working properly and I needn’t waste my time anymore with any further suggestions or changes to my setup. Was going to call support tomorrow as I was sure my daughter wouldn’t fair any better than I have but this proved me wrong. So tomorrow I’ll get on Samsung’s support group to see if they have anything of use. Otherwise, one option is to return this to Amazon and find something from a different vendor. Or, I guess my second option is that I’m due for a new phone anyway but that’s an expensive option especially when my current phone works great. I wonder if Ring has knowledge of the vendor and model of phones which work with the various Ring units and those phones that don’t work. Lucky are those few who preformed a “reset” to fix their issue. Us two weren’t so luck it seems. so, good luck Smilezilla

I am having an issue that my speaker sound is not working live. It does work on the recordings. This wasn’t an issue until a few weeks ago but without hearing audio, I am only able to communicate 1-way and have to rely on the visual cues from the video.

i read through this forum quickly but could find a proposed solution to try.

Using an iPhone 8.

I have an issue where during playback of an answered ring that the person at the door the audio echoed on her words. I didn’t hear that live but when replaying from the timeline. Any suggestions?

Just an add on to my post above. I confirmed the same issue with the iPad. I don’t hear sound live after I click the speaker button. The mic does work and all recorded videos work.

Really annoyed with this issue, when you contact customer service they just go through the common sense procedure a waste of time. Wish i choose a different brand instead of ring.

My issue is that the person ringing the doorbell is unable to hear what iam saying. I have samsung s9.

Its just a joke how this issue has been going on for a long time.

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Hi just got rid of my S9 for the same problem ring always blames Samsung for the problem,but on my new iPhone works brilliant hope this helps.


I installed my ring 3 pro yesterday . I tested it away from the house and it appeared to work fine audio out and in. Today i couldnt hear the person at all but they could hear me. Rather frustrating start as I tried it three times away and at home . I have done all usual checks microphone button etc …Anyone help please??

wondering why i cant see the feed on how to do the reset, only that it worked?

Hi @sdsmitty! To reset your Video Doorbell, please hold the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the Doorbell is reset, completing a setup in the Ring app will reconnect your device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Lost my audio somewhere along the way.

I did the reset and it’s all good now!


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Hi this issue is back have not had my ring doorbell 2 for 2 weeks and the speaker is still not audible have tried everything i have read and to no avail can anyone HELP

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