Doorbell often does not record package deliveries

I’ve already set snapshot capture to 30s which is the shortest option. Are there other settings I can tweak that might help?

Delivering a package to the door definitely crosses the motion zones.

Hi @mykohsu. The Snapshot Capture feature does not affect the motion detection on your Doorbell, so no need to worry about adjusting that for this particular concern. What you’ll want to do is adjust the motion sensitivity slider on the Motion Zones screen, as well as try adjusting the Motion Zones themselves to see what works best. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I increased the sensitivity. I share a doorway with a neighbor so I had my motion zone set to the floor in front of my door, I wonder if this contributes to the sensitivity issue.

However to make it more complicated a cat comes back every morning, so I turned on people only mode but this prevents me from setting the sensitivity.

Is there any suggestion for reducing false positives for a shared doorway.