Doorbell not showing hardwired, sometimes doesn't ring on chime or app

I have installed for my parents:

* a first-generation video doorbell

* a first-generation chime pro

* a hardwired plugin adapter

The doorbell is mounted on the wall that is one wall width away from the chime pro.

The chime pro is directly upstairs from the main router. There should be no issue with signal.

The power adapter is plugged into the same power socket as the chime pro. Everything has been moved as close as possible to address these issues, with no real difference.

  1. The doorbell does not indicate that it is hardwired in the app, and says it is running from battery. The battery is draining away just as quickly whether the adapter is plugged in or not.

  2. About once per week, the doorbell loses connectivity with the devices. When this happens, the doorbell rings outside only, does not ring on the chime or the app. I also cannot connect to the doorbell’s “live view”.

Device Health says signal strength to the Chime Pro Network is RSSI-41.

It says the signal strength to the main Wifi network is RSSI-46.

Without a good reason, it then seems to fix itself and work again for the test the next day.

It’s been extraordinarily unreliable, to the point where my parents test it every morning to make sure it’s working for the day. If it doesn’t work, they can’t do anything to fix it, but at least they know it’s not working that day.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing either of these two problems?

Less than 24 hours after posting, my question has gone to page 3 with no answers and about 20 views. Clearly this support method is a crock. Why don’t you just get a ticketing system and respond by email like a normal company?

Having looked through a bazillion threads here, it’s unlikely that anyone in the “community” is going to help me … they’re all frustrated with their own experience and dealing with their own problems.

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I had a problem with the hardwire not showing. All I had to do is tighten the screws that holds the wires. For the other problem, maybe a reset helps. This device is too faulty and it is a pain when you reset it. So while you tighten the screws you might as well reset it.

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I double checked the contacts and I noticed that if you put the Y contact on the end of the wire too close to the screw, it is kept off the metal contacts by the thickness of the plastic around the contact. So I redid the contacts and now it shows as hardwired!

All I need now is for it to be reliable!