Doorbell not activating getting very frustrated

Hi everyone we purchased a ring doorbell last week, we set it up and it would not activate live view, we then rang ring technical help line who went through setup and a few other options and then when that didn’t work they said the device may be faulty and to return it to the original place we purchased it. We did, and got a replacement after saying it was faulty, yesterday we collected our second ring doorbell, and what a surprise it still does not work! But with a different error message, it now says streaming error. We are with bt for internet and we have done every test possible with them to confirm speeds etc, we have moved our WiFi to within a metre of the ring doorbell device it still does not work! Also been through technical help AGAIN with ring and still nothing! I am getting so frustrated it’s a joke, we are now stuck with something that does not work. I don’t no what else to try. Anyone have any other suggestions we can try, after to speaking with other people , they have said an update on there app has caused problems recently, is anyone else having the same issues with a recent purchase or is it just us!
Thanks any help would be appreciated

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Same problems here. Been fighting with this thing for hours. Tried both Android and IOS Ring apps and same problem. Rapid ring app doesn’t connect to live view either. Really not impressed so far with the Ring doorbell. I did get live view to work somewhat once or twice but the stream was really bad. Most times it won’t connect and I’ve gone through setup many times including a hard reset too. Someone please help…this is ridiculous.

Sorry to hear about this experience neighbors. The most common cause of video concern is wifi speed and signal strength. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing wifi signal. If you’ve already checked all wifi variables, another step to consider is checking ports and protocols in your router settings.

Beyond wifi variables, mobile device connection is also important to consider. Please ensure bluetooth and VPN are disabled, and no apps are installed that might conflict with the Ring app. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device is another great step, as well as testing video on wifi only, and on cellular data only. This should improve the video loading experience. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I too had the most dificult time getting the Ring3Plus to activate and allo shared users. I ve had t he originalk, then R2 and both were very simple and easy to get going. R3 have me headaches, I even deleted the Ring and a couple of times, did the set up 2 or 3 times, at the and it still would not recognize any shared user emails. Then I tries seting up the Ring Chime pro, same issues, the easiest is the orignal chime Whats up with these new and improved products that seem to be very diffuclt to activate and program

Since last Saturday I am trying to add my new Ring Doorbell Pro to the devices in the app. It failed at the first attempt when the Ring-xxxx wifi was broadcasted and since then after an enourmous number of hard resets, changing devices (iPhone, iPad, Android tablet), the Ring wifi has been broadcasted maybe another couple of time maximum and now since yesterday nothing more. The device resume after hard reset with the annoying voice claiming for the most advanced doorbell, but then the brick does not transmit the Ring-xxx wifi making impossible even to try to connect to my home wifi. I am really frustrated, tired and clearly not satisfied with the product. I am afraid the unit is dead.

My ring will not connnect to my gig speed internet