Doorbell lighting up but isn't charging?

I use the ring doorbell, and charge via USB. I’ve never had an issue charging (less than 6 months old) but today while its plugged in - the app will not show its charging. The device itself is glowing blue, but the app says I need to charge soon. I’ve held down the orange button for 15 seconds and tried to plug it in again, Same issue. I’ve also changed cords, plugs and moved it to a different wall… same issue. Wifi signal is strong& I’ve had no other issues before this.

Hi @Yomomma! Although the app might now reflect a charge, it sounds like your Doorbell is still accepting a charge based on the blue light illuminating. The best next step is to allow your Doorbell to charge for several hours. After this time, trigger a motion event or live view on your device to confirm it is online and working. After the event you should be able to see a new battery level in the device health section of your Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: