Doorbell keeps going offline

My doorbell keeps going offline but my router and wifi is perfectly fine - it works for all other devices. Has anyone got any tips to fix this annoying issue?

Signal strength is fine drops out randomly and cannot connect unless you try loads of time. Resetting the signal tells me i have the wrong password - but I KNOW I don’t!! Grrrr!

Hi there, @ColinT10! As the other devices in your home are connecting without issue, this Doorbell should certainly be working as intended. Great job checking on the signal strength. Depending on your Video Doorbell model, it may be capable of connecting to 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz wifi. Please ensure it is connected to your 2.4 Ghz wifi network. Once you get the Doorbell reconnected, try also testing it out nearest the router for some time. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

@ColinT10 2.4ghz always the best choice for Ring Doorbells as it has much better wall penetration. 5ghz is basically stopped dead by exterior walls in a lot of cases.

Thank you - i am using 2.4 ghz but will try this over the weekend. Btw, For the first few months of having the Ring doorbell it was absolutely fine so just simply puzzled why this has started to happen.
Thanks and again, will try it…

How do I change my sky Internet to 2.4ghz?

@Whitey90 Sky routers usually come with the 2.4 and 5 ghz bands linked. You need to go into the settings and split the bands. Maybe add a number 2 to then name of the 2.4ghz network. Not sure what Sky router you have but there are guides over on the Sky forum for them all.

I’m having the same issue. worked perfectly for a couple of months and now it goes offline. My WiFi is fine. all of our computers, TVs, etc., including our other Ring Doorbell (which is further from the router). I’m at a loss.

I am also having the exact same problem. I have bought a ring chime pro thinking that this may help but it has actually been worse.

Not a helpful response, but you’re not alone.
Doorbell has been fine for the better part of a year, then I noticed after a firmware download it dropped offline. Currently experiencing it going offline for the 4th time.

Worst part of this is support constantly trying to blame the WiFi setup when it’s worked fine for months, not to mention my router is plugged into the closest socket to the doorbell, it has a great signal, and it’s locked at channel 11.

It’s a nasty bug, and I wouldn’t mind as much if there was actually a notification from the app when the doorbell goes offline so you can troubleshoot, but it just silently disconnects from WiFi and you get no notification, and people visiting/delivering hit the doorbell and it still rings! no one knows inside or outside the house that it is not working, this is a terrible bug and needs some focus from the backend teams but so far I’ve not been able to push it past front line support

Quick edit: I don’t have an error saying bad password, the first two times it eventually reconnected after a few power cycles, the last time it went through a factory reset twice before joining wifi again.

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