Doorbell keeps clicking between normal and night vision

No response. You don’t suppose they pushed an update to these that caused them to do this? I wonder how many peoples Ring Pro’s started doing this last week out of the blue. I hope they respond before I cancel my service and reinstall the old doorebell.


Mine just started doing this last week…


Thanks. I called the UK number (Indian call centre), who only suggested turning it off and back on again. I had already tried this multiple times and the same thing happens.

They then escalated it to the US Tech Support line who then accessed my recordings (with my permission) and suggested that the porch light to the left is making it flicker in and out of night vision, so suggested turning it off.

Bare in mind - nothing has changed with regards to street lights or my porch light - it came with the house when we bought it 2 years ago. No motion settings changed, no night vision settings changed (if any?).

They suggested a 15 degree angle down but as it barely gets a persons full face in anyway - it would completely miss the face off if I did angle it any further down.

So I’m back at square 1. I have what looks like a product that is not fit for purpose, it annoys the hell out of me listening to the clicking sound every night over and over again. It doesn’t pick up motion events as well as it did before.

What options do I have regarding my Support Package? Are you able to issue me with a replacement (working) product?

Note: the US technician did confirm there was a software update 3 weeks ago - but he wouldn’t admit that this was the issue. Judging from my experience and the others who joined this thread, does that not point towards the update being the issue?


Hi @AndyKay. If the suggestions that the tech support haven’t caused any improvement over the last few days, I would suggest reaching back out to a US support technician. Since you believe this to be related to an update you’ve recently had, have this escalated so our support team can deep dive into this and keep you informed as they discover anything. All the best.

Mine started doing this a few weeks ago also. It eventually wore out and the video gave a purple filtered picture. I took camera to BestBuy as it was under Geek Squad warranty (1.5 years old). Replaced and now after 1 day installed, it’s flickering back and forth again.


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Mine started doing the same thing about the time you noticed it as well. The tech told me to move my fixed pole light at my deivewy…but I have had this doorbell now over a year…no lighting has changed and a reset did not fix my issue


My doorbell also started doing this after a year of use. I worked with Ring support and they sent me a new doorbell. This one does the exact same thing. I even added the Ring transformer. Nothing has changed with lighing or any other settings. It will NOT stop switching day/night all night long. I have tried all of the recommended fixes with the help of tech support on the phone. It will not stop.

Please help!

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Yeah, same thing started happening to mine a few weeks ago. We have an outside security light that we typically keep on and we have never had an issue with the Ring doing this for years. But a few weeks ago, I noticed the clicking. The only way I’ve gotten it to stop is to turn off our security light. Really frustrating that this issue just started for so many people. There must have been some update pushed.

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Hi there, neighbours. If you’ve already tried the reset previously mentioned in this thread, to no avail, the best next step will be to reach out to our support team. The Ring Community is a neighbour to neighbour help forum, in which more in-depth troubleshooting is best done with our support team.

Please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. If you are in the US, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

Same thing happened to me and Ring support told me the same thing the support person told you here…I reset with no luck, took me a month to get replacement from Ring since support did not know what the issue was and the replacement does the exact same thing…my opinion is the Ring support is faulty…Hey Ring, if you wanna keep this customer or other customers… then you have our info…YOU reach out to me/us and man up and fix the issue…otherwise you will start loosing customers little by little…tell me why a thing like this has not been resolved fir customers like us??!

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Yes support for Ring sucks and believe me, replacement camera does the same thing…they need to fix this on their end soon or they will see a loss in Customers

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Such a generic answer…give us a useful phone number to call or get in touch with your higher ups snd let them know what is happening…it should be a quick fix if your company (Ring) cares at all

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It appears the issue has been resolved. Though I set my camera to people-only mode. I’ll continue to watch the issue.

This customer support reply is not helpful. Please read my post. I HAVE worked with support on the phone for over an hour. I have done EVERYTHING suggested and they even sent me a new doorbell. It does the exact same thing.

Based on the all of the posts, this is a systemic issue within Ring. Please fix this issue . It is very disappointing to get a reply that is so generic and tone deaf.

Having the same issue and I can hear the doorbell clicking when I’m in the room next to my front door if the TV is off or muted. If I turn the outside lights on it doesn’t happen but right now due to Christmas lights being up they are not on. A continuous clicking sound is happening and the red lights on the doorbell are flickering at times.

I’m having the same problem. This started about 2-3 weeks ago. According to all the other replies, and being a software QA engineer for 30 years, I could safely say this was probably due to the latest update. I wish ring would fix this! I have removed my ring doorbell, and have reset, and readded it, and will check tonight to see if that has made a difference. I’ve had my ring doorbell pro for nearly 4 years, and have never had any problems with it. I clean it regularly with a dry microfiber cloth. I have even turned off any lights that could potentially cause the night vision to go crazy, but to no avail.

Just installed a brand new VD Pro yesterday, and last night noticed this same issue, i.e.

when dark outside…

  • during live view or a motion-triggered recorded event the IR light turns on then off, every 5 or 6 seconds

  • even when not in live view or an event, this clicking persists - I noticed this when I walked near my front door (inside) and could hear constant clicking sound.

somehow the clicking sound when NOT in live view or an event did eventually seem to stop last night, in my case - this was perhaps after I was fiddling with some app settings to see if I could fix it. Also at one point I did do a reconnection to the WiFi in case that had any effect - so I can’t say exactly why or when the clicking stopped…

… temporarily. Because this morning I got a motion triggered alert before sunrise (false trigger, a car driving by even though it was well outside my Motion Zone), and the resulting video recording showed the same clicking and turning on and off of the IR lights every 5 or 6 seconds for the entire duration of the 1min recording.

I think I read somewhere else that the clicking is due to a physical IR filter that moves in front of the sensor every time night mode turns on. If that’s the case, this constant clicking every 5 seconds has got to be a serious problem that will eventually lead to a mechanical failure of the camera… From the sounds of other posts here, something changed in a recent firmware update to cause this, I hope it gets resolved soon

I am having the same issue which also started towards the end of October like everyone else. I am a Software Engineer, and looking at all these replies it seems like an update was pushed that is causing the issue. I have reset with no luck fixing it and will not be buying a new Ring doorbell until I see it’s resolved. I almost bought one today to replace it with all of the holiday deals going on and I’m glad I did some research first. I’ll go to another vendor if it can’t be resolved soon. I’m hoping it gets taken care of though since I do enjoy the Ring products.

Getting the same thing here.

Here the click on the outside doorbell and a very short buzz/hum from the mechanical on the inside. I would bet an update. Christmas lights are the same as last year. No problem last year.

An update/fix would be nice.

I’ve managed to find a solution!

I bought a ‘Eufy 2K Doorbell’ cam and haven’t looked back. Such a better doorbell! I can open the app and I’m talking to the person within a second. Imagine that, Ring…

Ring - your product sucks. Your customer service sucks. Looks like I’m not alone in thinking that looking at the replies.