Doorbell, if notifications on cellphone is not clear, phone will not be alerted of Ring

Recently, we’ve been missing doorbell notifications! Four devices are signed into Ring account. This allows for everyone to have ease of access to hear doorbell notifications.

Lately, I realize when the doorbell rings or there’s motion detected alerts, future doorbell notifications will be missed. To hear doorbell rings, the notifications on the device are to be cleared first.

Is there a way to allow Ring doorbells to override the device? Sometimes, my mother’s cellphone go hours without being checked because she’s working. She has missed numerous doorbell notifications because her notifications were not cleared. But when she clears them, she hears the doorbell notification when it’s pressed.

What’s the best way to fix this? Are we doing something wrong? Do we have a setting turned off? Should we turn off motion notifications and only keep ring notifications on? Please share your advice!

Hi @rbeckford134. This is a limitation of the Android device that you might be using. In order to receive notifications, you have to regularly check and clear the notifications cache to allow new notifications to come through. I suggest reaching out to your phone service provider to see if there are any specific settings that need to be adjusted on your phone.