Doorbell Gen 3-Flood Cam - Not snoozing, inconsistant behaviour, unhappy

We try to snooze either the Doorbell 3 or Floodlight when working around the house. Doing so from either an iPad, iWatch, iPhone is hit and miss. Most times it seems to take two or more attempts.

We have a FloodLight cam and Doorbell 3. We are using the iOS app, usually on an iPhone. We also have two linked Chimes that make noise when motion is detected. My wife and I have the ring app on the phone.

  1. I tried the global snooze and individual devices. The snooze icon shows on the dashboard but when I walk past the snoozed device, it triggers the chimes. Seems that the Snooze stopped the Ring notification on the phone. So, is snooze on a camera or doorbell ONLY for notifications, not chimes?

  2. I snoozed doorbell 3 for 30 minutes from Ring app on iOS phone. Went out side, and it seemed to work however, my wife got the notification on her phone and iWatch. Her dashboard did not show the device as snoozed. So, maybe snoozing is per device so, She could get alerts and I could choose not to. Taking this further, I had her snooze the doorbell 3 for 30 minutes, my iPhone also had the device snoozed for 30 minutes and it seemed to work. Looks like the Snooze was per device. Then, both removed the snooze, tried to trigger the doorbell and nothing. Cancelling snooze seems to not work or take a long time to kick in. Is this normal?

  3. When a device is snoozed from one iOS device, the other devices do not show the device as snoozed in the dashboard or . So, help me understand, is the snoozing only to stop the ring notification on the device that turn on snooze or should it stop notification on all devices?

Issue 4:

Should the chimes (I have two) also snooze when as device or all devices are snoozed?

Seems the snooze feature needs some serious work or am I just not getting it?

I did 2 more hours of testing and found the following behaviour and conclusion.

  1. When you initiate a Snooze, its not instant. It takes time for it to actually snooze motion on the device. So, hitting snooze and testing right after will not give you good results. I don;t know how long it takes but I was waiting about 5 minutes when performing testing.

  2. Snoozing motion by device or global is per mobile device. I I snooze anything, my wife would still get alerts. So, snooze is specific to the device you do it on.

  3. Snooze is only for notification to the device. It will not snooze the chimes (big gap in feature). You can go into each chime seperatelly and snooze them. This makes for make more steps but it can be done. An annoyance is that the snooze time scale is different between devices, at least differetn on the chimes and Doorbell One might be 1-3-6 hourdsd, the other .5 hrs - 1 hour, 2, 4 6. Inconsistant.

  4. Snooze will not stop any linked Alexa devices. You have to unlink them for peace and quite. Ah, not so fast. On the iOS app, when you try to unlink an Alexa device, you get a red error at the top of the screen not allowing you to unlink specific devices.

Great products overall but needs fine tuning and a better way to report bugs and issues.

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Hi @Brumey! Thank you for sharing your observations and experience with the Community. Your findings with the Snooze options are accurate and as intended, at this time. Global Snooze is indeed per mobile device, and the snooze option applies to your camera enabled Ring devices only. As you mentioned, this means Chimes and Alexa devices must be individually snoozed or silenced.

Check out our help center article about motion snooze for more tips and information. There is also a Modes feature in the Ring app that will allow you to customize a disarmed mode to not alert you for Alarm and camera enabled Ring devices. Much like snooze, however, Modes also does not impact Chimes or Alexa devices.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Consider this post also shared with our teams here! :slight_smile: