Doorbell doesn't fully chime

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro hooked up to my hardwired doorbell. It shows good voltage, but when someone presses the button, the doorbell only does half a chime. In other words, before Ring it went “ding-dong” and now it only does “ding.” Any advice on how to fix that?

Most chimes that “ding-dong” are mechanical, if this is the case, please ensure the Video Doorbell Pro chime selection setting is set to “mechanical”. If it is digital, then you will want to choose “digital” of course.

Additionally, it’s always best to double check that the Pro Power Kit is installed properly. Here is our walkthrough on installing the PPK.

If this concern is persisting at this point, please swap the 2 wires connected to the back of the Video Doorbell Pro to see if it will establish a better connection, as well as avoid them touching or shorting. Feel free to keep us updated on this matter, we are happy to help!

Hi, I just figured it out. When I put the Ring power kit in the door bell, I pushed one of the wires so that it was blocking the mechanical mechanism that actually strikes the bell. My error, thank you for the help!

While it is a rare occurrence, I’ve seen it before. The solenoid was physically blocked from being able to complete the chime kit tone. Great observation @Barry128 , thank you for sharing these findings with the Community! Other neighbors will surely benefit from this :slight_smile: