Doorbell does not display realistic live view at night

The last two nights at approximately 8:00 pm when the sun goes down my video doorbell shows a live view where it is snowing outside. And when I look out the window to see how much snow is on the car the grass is green and there is no precipitation. In the live view I can actually see snowflakes in the camera. Alexa has also quit announcing there is someone at the door too. It is like the doorbell is slowly dying. BTW this morning when I looked ate the Ring app on my phone the live display was accurate. I have a video doorbell 2nd Generation. I do get notifications to my phone. I assume that is through the ring app. Everything worked fine a few days ago.

Hi @user42864. Can you share this video? This would really help us understand what is going on. What is the RSSI for this device? This information is located in the Device Health menu of this Ring app.