Doorbell disconnected and unable to connect

I have a doorbell that was working for a few months and now stopped working/not connecting to WiFi network. Didn’t change WiFi settings.

I tried to reset the door bell by following instructions in the App - but trying to connect to the local Ring WiFi local network was not successful. I tried using 4 smart phone/tablet devices and all have same issue or connectivity.

I think they hardware is dead. Please post if you have any suggestions for me to try.

Got the same problem. Bought through Woot, worked for about 4 days…then we had a brief power outage and Ring hasn’t worked since. Last power reported was “good”, last signal strength was -63 (no problem there). My network didn’t change/reboot - it’s on battery backup. I’m a computer network engineer by profession so I know what’s what on my gear.

The Ring never even tries to connect to the wifi - if it did there would at least be a sniff of its MAC address - and there isn’t. When I put the Ring in setup mode, its SSID is not visible to any device.

It’s toast.