Doorbell Dead?

At 0645 this morning, our door chime started going off non-stop, at the same time our Ring (Version 1) quit registering. No lights, no video etc. Hooked the old analog door bell up and still not working.

Did the hard reset of the Ring, and still nothing. Plugged the Ring into the USB cable to see if maybe it wasn’t charging and tried a hard reset again, still with no results.

It seems that suddenly at 0645 our Ring decided to die. I’m at loss, any help or suggestions. I’ve have checked all the wires. I checked all the voltages with the following results.

There is 120 volts at the outlet. Checked the power coming to the transformer it’s 120 volts, checked the power coming out of the transformer it 19.5 volts, checked the power at the button it’s 19.5 volts.

So power is getting where it’s needed. Essentially the Ring decided to die at 0645 this morning or something. If I put the Ring back up, and reinstall the chime it will continuously chime, if I put the old school, analog door bell back up, nothing happens.

There is no video, no connection, no lights, no nothing from or at the Ring button assembly. When I try to connect via the app on my phone I get the “Activating Device” message since it can’t find the Ring.

We bought and installed it on 03 August 2019, and on 20 Sept 2020 it died so 13 months 17 days after installation it’s toast. On 11 July 2020 it started giving us connection issues and we sort of resolved that, and battery warnings although it’s hardwired. So a month before the warranty expired it started acting up, a month after the warranty expired it died. Go figure…

Went back over everything today with a clearer head, and results are the same. I have the proper voltages from the outlet to the transformer, from the transformer to the bell, from the transformer to the button.

The Ring doorbell cam is still dead. Doesn’t power up at all, charged it for a few hours and checked it again. No lights, no nothing, did the hard reset on it again with no results.

Sucks that it died a month after the warranty expired…

Sorry to hear about this, @USAF-Sarge! You have definitely covered all the right bases to get this to work. Each of your power readings certainly look sufficient, and are not showing any signs of power loss or resistance. If there are absolutely not lights on this Video Doorbell Pro, a reset, or power cycle, should have resolved it. As it did not, the best next step will be to troubleshoot more in-depth with our support team.

Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

In regards to warranty, feel free to check out our warranty page for information on coverage. Additionally, our Protect Plus subscription can extend warranty coverage, as long as it is subscribed while the original warranty is still active.

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Just got off the phone with a customer service representative. We worked everything, our Ring is DOA. They did us right, can’t say enough good things about the service we got. But we’re happy with the outcome.

Why it did what it did is anyone’s guess. Might take it apart and look at it, and see what I can learn.

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Thank you, customer service representative took care of us and hooked us up. Awesome experience all around.

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Thank you so much for updating us on this matter. I’m glad to see you’ve received a replacement, and that our support team provided a neighborly experience. We hope you continue to enjoy your ‘Ring of security’!