Doorbell all lights flashing

I have a ring doorbell 1 which won’t do anything.
If I charge it, the white light goes on.
I’ve left it for days at a time charging too and it seems to be charged.

but it won’t reset or do anything. If I hold the reset button down for 30 odd seconds (to make sure it does a hard reset) it does this kind of thing

The only other thing it does is if I hold the front button down for a while, it goes solid blue.

otherwise, nothing.

Any ideas?

Hey @StuStu. Are you able to bring it back online through the app? If you go into the Device Health page and try to reconnect it to the wifi, are you able to get it into setup mode and reconnect? If it cannot enter setup mode or reconnect, please reach out to our support team here for further troubleshooting!

Hi Chelsea,

I did try that. I’ve even tried removing and re-adding it to my account too and no go.

It simply says it’s offline.

Unfortunately, your live chat isn’t much help either

"Unfortunately, device troubleshooting and first time setup is temporarily unavailable in Chat."

I’m not sure what other issues you could have…

@StuStu I apologize you still can’t have it up and running, that’s no good! Our chat team does have a limited scope right now due to some changes we have had to make in the company due to the times. You will have to reach out to our support team over the phone from any of the numbers here to get the advanced troubleshooting you need!