Doorbell alerts while not at home

I recently received an alert that someone was at our door but I was away from the house. I THOUGHT that the Video Doorbell allowed me to communicate to whomever it was but both the speaker and the listening icons were greyed out and in addition to NOT being able to SEE who was at the door, I wasn’t able to hear OR speak to them either! Being able to see and hear/speak to the person/s at my door REMOTELY was a VERY important feature that propelled me to buy this product and, when I needed those features to work, they didn’t! I should mention that my Mom has Alzheimer’s so, and although I rarely leave the house, it’s extremely important that I have these features working properly when I HAVE to.
Is there something in the set-up that I need to do/change? WHY aren’t they working… any clues? Thanks, in advance, for ANY help anyone might have for me!!!

Hi @Lotsocatslady, it sounds like your phone may have not been getting a reliable enough connection to your internet when you were attempting to load the Live View. This means that the phone connection you were on, either the internet connection via wifi or mobile data, was not strong enough to load the Live View, thus greying out the icon.

If you can, while connected to wifi at another home, or knowing that your mobile data is working (you can go to Youtube and load a video), please try to load the Live View.

From there, make sure you press the green phone icon to accept the call. Speaker through the Doorbell and see if anyone on the other side can hear you, or once you end the video and see it in your Event History, see if you can hear yourself. Let me know how this goes!

I obviously don’t know if the OP was out and about locally, or traveling far afield.

Therefore, I don’t know if my past experience might be helpful to Lotsocatslady, or if the app behavior I observed while traveling persists or has been changed since my last trip in 2019.

While traveling to a different time zone, I found that no events showed up in the app until I changed the phone/tablet settings to use my home time zone - specifically - I had to disable the date/time setting for the automatic time zone that uses the network provided time [zone].

It didn’t matter whether the device was using a known reliable WiFi connection or the mobile cellular connection.

I expect I’ll have an opportunity to observe the app’s behavior in this circumstance again in the not-to-distant future.

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