Doorbell 3 wifi dropout

hi i have a doorbell 3 + chime pro. Because i only use 5ghz.

the doorbell 3 works fine for a day or two, but then it suddenly starts w/blinking blue ring. No message from the app saying the wifi is poor, in the app everything is okay.

The only thing that works is to take out the battery and insert it again. Then its okay again. The doorbell 3 uses the chime pro network. The chime pro is about 3-4 feed away from the door.

Is this a fw issue or a error with the device it self ?

Hi @johnnyzero. Under the Device Health menu, what does your RSSI indicate? You can record this information and then reboot your router to see if this improves at all. Do this by unplugging your router for 3 minutes and then plugging back in. Once wifi has restored, see if your RSSI has improved. You can also try moving your Chime Pro to a halfway point between your router and your Doorbell to see if that improves the signal. Let me know if this helps!

Hi, thx for your reply.

the RSSI is most of the time between 71-77 and the suddenly it drops to lower 30 something.

This happens no matter the battery status full/halv charge. The Doorbell is green and “online” after reboot (taking in/out battery) then the app will report “poor wifi” but no indications in the app. Just the blue circle of no wifi. Then another (taking in/out battery) solves the issue. The Chime pro always has execellent RSSI nom . Next step will be to install a accesspoint close to the door entrance and have the doorbell connect directly to the 5ghz accesspoint instead of the chime pro network.

Hi @johnnyzero. Thanks for the update. It seems odd how your RSSI bounces up and down like that. There may be some interference. I would make sure that your wifi router is out in the open, not too close to any other electronic equipment that could also be producing a wireless signal. You can also temporarily move your Doorbell to a different location to see if the RSSI fluctuates like it does where it’s currently at. This might help narrow down any interference sources, if that is indeed the issue.

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