Doorbell 3 plus zone settings

OK I can’t find anywhere where it explains what the motion sensitivity slider measures. Is it distance, amount of motion, what?. Also what are the measurements? Is it 1 foot at low and 30 feet at high, or is it to pick up fast moving at low and slow at high.

Please can anyone help?
See attached photo (this feature is in motion settings / zones on the iOS app)

Hi @tonymillermcr. The Motion Sensitivity slider allows you to choose how big, or small, of an object is needed for your Ring Video Doorbell 3+ to detect it. Objects closest to the Doorbell will look bigger but the same object, when far away, will look smaller. The slider allows you to determine when that object triggers a recording. The best thing to do is to start with the slider at MAX, and test where you are detected. Then slowly decrease the amount until you are happy with where your Doorbells detects you. During testing you’ll want to make sure that your Motion Frequency is set to Frequent. To adjust, open the Ring app and select- Menu > Devices > (Ring Device) > Motion Settings > Motion Frequency and then choose Frequent to make sure you don’t miss anything.